Abundance Activation Session

This is great for **empaths** that have been absorbing the struggles and issues around them. **If you've been stuck in a funky rut, this session will help** ❖ Clear low-dense energies that are holding you back ❖ Spark the law of attraction frequency ❖ Help you to get into a desired high-vibe state ❖ Switch on and amplify your manifesting ❖ Activate your abundance codes **The benefits of this session?** ❖ A clear mind, body and auric field to attract new opportunities and flow. ❖ Clear out procrastination to super-charge your efforts. ❖ Amplified focus on your priorities and desires. **What do you get after the 1-hr session?** ◉ Copy of your recording ◉ Copy of my award-winning "Rainbow Frequency" SPECIAL AUDIO MEDITATION Yes every session is unique so can be tailored to address specific issue you are experiencing such as ◉ Specific financial pressures ◉ Family dynamics ◉ Personal doubt ◉ Grief or sadness Lets clear you out for flow and happiness! Get this **40% special discount price before the investment returns to the $350.